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"Find your STABILITY"

Is your relationship everything that you’ve dreamed of – or does it fall short of the fantasy you’ve envisioned? Does it bring you joy and happiness – or are there moments where it brings you pain and conflict? More than likely, your relationship has run the full gamut of being one of the best things in your life to being extremely difficult. Relationships require work and dedication – some more so than others. Whatever relationship stage or difficulty you are undergoing, the idea of starting couples therapy can be overwhelming and anxiety-provoking to say the least. However, most couples who engage in therapy agree that it can be an excellent opportunity and space to explore the issues and difficulties that are impacting your relationship and connection.


Working with couples in therapy allows me to assist them in communicating more efficiently and effectively – giving voice to their feelings, being honest and direct in messaging, and speaking their wants and needs into existence. I work with couples to help them connect to one another in a deeper way, allow them to explore any pain or hurt experienced in the relationship, and encourage them to join forces in fighting for their marriage as opposed to fighting one another. I teach them to create healthy patterns of connection and intimacy and how to expect and provide reciprocity in their relationship. Entering into couples therapy is not a sign that you are in a bad relationship or that you are a bad partner. What it says to yourself, your partner, and the world is that you are ready to be a better partner and have the healthy and loving relationship that you deserve.  You and your partner’s presentation and therefore needs are unique. As such, I tailor my approach to you. 

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