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"Find your EXPERT"

My areas of expertise involve social justice and advocacy, implicit bias and microaggressions, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Additionally, I have published and presented my research focusing on understanding the unique lived experiences of marginalized populations, such as those who are of color, undocumented, or self-identify as members of the LGBTQIA+ community. If you are looking to hire a professional speaker for an event related to any of the aforementioned topics, feel free to contact me.


Types of Speaking Engagements & Presentations

  • Psychoeducational Workshops/Trainings

  • Facilitated, Panel, or Roundtable Discussions

  • Public/Virtual Seminars

  • Hospital Grand Rounds


Recent Speaking Engagement Topics

  • “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Creation, Maintenance, and Success.”

  • “Black Lives Matter & White Allyship: Joint Efforts”

  • "Bystander Intervention: Addressing and Preventing Harassment/Discrimination."

  • “Discussing Anti-Black Messages with Children”

  • “Anti-Racism & Anti-Bias Education: Pedagogical Goals

  • “Assessing and Surviving Microaggressions in White Institutions.”

  • “Intergenerational Trauma & Resilience: Two Sides of the Same Coin.”

  • “Cultural Competence and Affirmative Therapy with LGBTQIA+ Communities”

  • “Supporting LGBTQIA+ Student Mental Health.”

  • “Safe Zone Training”

  • “Work/life balance and boundary setting during Covid-19.”

Sample Training Brochure – 

LGBT Safe Zone Training Pricing
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